Red Fire Innovations Limited, established in 2011 by Rachel Rochford, is a micro multinational company based in Trinidad and Tobago and operating globally with an aim to provide creative exceptional solutions designed to meet the global demand for ethically made handcrafted artisan products. 

Rachel Rochford is a Creative Entrepreneur. Her creations, be it leather accessories, jewellery, painting, photography or ceramics, are a synthesis of island ethos infused with the essence of the metropolitan. Rachel captures, identifies and encapsulates this elusive visual essence, as she believes it to exist and translates it into her designs and works of art.

Rachel Rochford is the main brand of Red Fire Innovations, specifically the bespoke and limited edition artisan jewellery that is meticulously created by Rachel, with the utmost care and attention to detail. Each person that is adorned with a piece of Rachel Rochford jewellery is wearing the designer’s hand molded sculptures. Rachel Rochford's intricate designs of artisan jewellery all have a distinctive finish. The designer selects raw crystals because of their intrinsic vibrant energy and distinctiveness, with the hope that when the piece of jewellery is worn, people will be drawn to both the uniqueness of the jewellery and the beauty of its wearer.

Over the past four years Rachel Rochford has produced Collections such as the Carnival Capsule, Chain Link Series, Classic Collection, Coast Line, Interlaced Collection, Juju Jewels, Madera Line, Ore Collection, Ore For Men, Studs, Textura and Treasure Trove. Rachel Rochford’s jewellery is known for its juxtaposition of different media and distinctive signature wrap wire designs with precious and semi-precious stones featuring earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, cuff links and tie pins. Other notable pieces include bold necklaces comprising of assorted materials such as chunks of raw crystal, cord, textiles and leather. 

Curated collections of exclusive, timeless, wearable art are created to satisfy to needs of each customer.

Born in Trinidad, Rachel Rochford attended Bishop Anstey High School and is a graduate of 
The University Of Reading, UK with a Bachelor’s Degree (First Class Honours), Fine Art. Since 2001, Rachel has exhibited her paintings and photographs in numerous solo and group exhibitions locally and internationally. She is also a Part-time Lecturer in Ceramics at the Centre For Creative and Festival Arts, University Of The West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad.  

To order your curated collection of Rachel Rochford artisan jewellery, wholesale or retail, contact:


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RFIL Studio is located at Building 7, Fernandes Business Centre, Eastern Main Road, Laventille, Trinidad.