Glorious Ginger Lilies.
Gold plated wire earrings by Rachel Rochford.
Dimensions: 3.5 inches x 1 inch.

The petals of the ginger lily flower fascinate me.
I love the way that the petals sit on top each other yet occupy their own space. There are numerous ways that I can capture the fluidity and beauty of the shape of the petals in line, through my drawings and with my drawing with wire earrings. This particular pair gorge earrings is my interpretation of the ginger lily flower in all of its glory. From the very first petal, down to its stem and lower leaves.

The Ginger Lilies Collection by Rachel Rochford.
Created in honour of my mother, Kathleen, who championed my artistic abilities unconditionally.

Line art by Rachel Rochford, meticulously hand-sculpted, transformed from the pictorial plane to sculptural, expressive, distinctive artisan jewellery individually handmade in Trinidad and Tobago to adorn the body.


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