Rachel Rochford artisan jewellery is created utilizing various materials, fibers, wood, acrylic paints, plated and filled wires, semi-precious gem stones, both in their raw, natural and un-polished state, as well as matte and polished gemstones. These materials can be fragile and should be looked after accordingly.

Every piece in the Rachel Rochford Central Range Collection is a meticulously hand painted unique work of art. Each earring is half of a larger canvas with subtle variations on each side. The complete painting emerges when worn side by side. A raw gem stone is unique and vary in shape, size and colour. Due to the nature of the artisan product, the item you receive may be slightly different to what is photographed. 

When storing your Rachel Rochford artisan jewellery take care to avoid moisture, direct sunlight, extreme cold, humidity or heat. Store each piece separately in order to avoid scratches and damage to your Rachel Rochford artisan jewellery. The gold and silver plating can wear off over time, and the appearance may slightly fade depending on wear and exposure to chemicals and cosmetics. 

Some tasks that should be avoided when wearing jewellery including sporting activities, kitchen work, gardening, cleaning the house and other common tasks. Rachel Rochford artisan jewellery should not be worn while swimming, bathing or sleeping. Rachel Rochford artisan jewellery should not be allowed to come into contact with perfume, cosmetics, hair products or other chemicals. Apply lotion, cosmetics, hairspray and perfume before dressing in jewellery. When performing manual tasks, remove your jewellery to prevent physical damage or exposure to chemicals or cleaning fluids. 

To clean your jewellery, please clean with care and use a soft, lint free jewellery polishing cloth and rub your piece gently.

Do not use any household or commercial cleaning solutions.