Moko Movements <SOLD>

MOKO MOVEMENTS •culture capsule• These hand painted leather on gold plated earrings, depict the mesmerizing rhythmic twists and acrobatic flair of the T&T Moko Jumbie. Striding through Trini streets on stilts, to the sweet sound of soca at Carnival, or jumping in celebration and showcasing agility through impressive dance performances at select events and festivities year round. The •culture capsule• is inspired by the multicultural festivities that exist in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean region. A tiny piece of painted paradise. Rachel Rochford’s 2021 miniature art jewellery comprises of one of a kind designer jewellery meticulously hand painted and handcrafted by Rachel Rochford in Trinidad and Tobago. Each side of an earring is half of a larger canvas with subtle variations on each side. The complete painting emerges when worn side by side. Length 3 inches x Width 0.5 inches.