Rachel Rochford.
Golden acrylic drawing on black canvas.

24x18 inches.

At my core I am an Artist and my creative juices sometimes burst forth unexpectedly. This week I decided, on the spur of the moment, to draw a monstera from The Plantt Place in all of its glory using my brand colours of BLACK & GOLD. Whenever I need a boost, I always return to my foundation and first love line drawings.

A new collection of GOLDEN LINE DRAWINGS on black canvas quickly emerged. A few of these drawings are hanging in pride of place at my shop at The Normandie Shops. Two original Rachel Rochford, drawings on canvas, from this GOLDEN LINE DRAWINGS collection are available from today to buy on

I usually keep my line drawings, close to my heart, in my sketchbooks with a select few of my nearest and dearest allowed to view them. Now my line drawings have prominence not only as inspiration for my artisan DRAWING WITH WIRE jewellery but also created and curated to be center stage in my space at the Normandie. 

I often start a new pair of drawing with wire earrings by visualizing the geometric shapes that I want to create. Using plated wires, my fingers nimbly and expertly bend the wire using similar strokes to those that I make when I draw abstracted forms. Every pair of Rachel Rochford DRAWING WITH WIRE earrings is a miniature sculpture.

EVERY piece of jewellery that I create is unique! You will spot straight away a Rachel Rochford artisan creation, when worn by an adorning collector, but no two will ever be the same!

Out of all the mediums and techniques that I utilize in my artistic creations, line drawing is my most loved technique. My latest line drawing is inspired by the abstracted patterns found in my various hand woven artisan earrings.

Look above to view the pair of, DRAWING WITH WIRE, interlaced gold plated earrings that inspired my latest artwork shown below. This pair of gold plated earrings is in stock at my shop at The Normandie. This drawing is available to purchase on

Keep an eye on and follow my journey on my Instagram feed, to see new GOLDEN ACRYLIC DRAWINGS as they are created.

  • SAILING 2021.

    Golden acrylic drawing on black canvas.

    20 x 16 inches.

    We are SAILING through 2021! This year has been turbulent for all of us, but we have navigated the rough waters and smooth sailing is up ahead.

    Meditate on this golden gem in your space. Click here to purchase a GOLDEN LINE DRAWING by Rachel Rochford on