Central Range Collection


The Central Range Collection is inspired by the exotic, colourful, flora, fauna, natural wonders, vistas and people that exist in the tropical landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. 

Each side of an earring is half of a larger canvas with subtle variations on each side. The complete painting emerges when worn side by side. Rachel Rochford’s distinctive hand sculpted plated wire drawings on the jewellery, mirror the abstract acrylic brushstrokes on the wood or the leather surface, island inspired, miniature, one of a kind, original art. Every piece in the Central Range Collection is handmade in Trinidad and Tobago and is a unique work of art, which is meticulously hand painted by Rachel Rochford.

The view from THE VILLAGE during POUI SEASON is quite magical especially when you look SKYWARD and see the trees in peak bloom along the MISTY MOUNTAIN. As you make your FOREST TREK you will encounter FOREST FLOWERS such as CHACONIA, DOUBLE HIBISCUS, BOUGAINVILLEA, AMARYLLIS LILIES, DANCING LADY ORCHIDS and BIRDS OF PARADISE. Look closely and you will see MR. PEACOCK searching for his mate as the BUTTERFLY’S wings FLUTTER on the flaming FLAMBOYANT flowers. BEFORE THE RAIN the BLUE CRAB runs under the banana leaf as it UNFURLS. DEEP IN THE FOREST a DRAGONFLY flits across the cool clear waters DOWN BY THE RIVER. At THE FOREST CENTER an EGRET lands in THE GOLDEN FIELDS of THE CENTRAL VALLEY. THE VIEW FROM THE RIDGE of the GROVE is breathtaking, as the SCARLET IBIS nests AS THE SUN SETS. 
These titles from selected pieces by Rachel Rochford, are poetically woven to create the conceptual philosophy behind the 2021 Central Range Collection. Illustrating the strong connection between the core inspirational T&T tropical island elements and the creativity at the heart of the art in the handcrafted jewellery and products created by Rachel Rochford.