Drawing With Wire


Strands of plated wire bent by hand by Rachel Rochford into geometric shapes from a mental 2D line drawing into a miniature 3D sculptural one of a kind artwork. One long strand of wire is expertly manipulated into a piece of artisan jewellery.

Abstract sculptural artworks mesmerize the viewer and each person will see something slightly different in each artistic creation. Line art to adorn the body by Rachel Rochford, meticulously hand-sculpted, transformed from the pictorial plane to sculptural, expressive, distinctive artisan jewellery individually handmade by Rachel.
Interlaced Collection is a limited edition and one of kind drawing with wire collection, hand sculpted abstract wire work consisting of interlaced earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. Single or multiple strands of coloured wire or plated wire or gold filled wire, with or without beads and raw crystals. Handmade and ethically produced by Rachel Rochford in Trinidad and Tobago.