Ginger Lily Love


The Ginger Lilies Collection by Rachel Rochford. 

Created in honour of my mother, Kathleen, who championed my artistic abilities unconditionally.


I treasure my girlhood memories of Saturday mornings spent sitting at the feet of my mother in the sanctuary of the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port of Spain, Trinidad, helping her to arrange fresh flowers for Sunday’s early morning Church Service. I soaked up the all subtle nuances and countless lessons that were imparted while she created floral art. 

She once said to me ..."The power of ginger lilies is that their beauty can be seen from the front all the way to the very last pew in the Cathedral”: the red ones were her favourite. 

Mummy taught me the principles of Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging and I draw on many of these principles now in my creative practice.  She taught me to look beyond the obvious use of natural materials, to be able to bring out their inner qualities, and understand how to create an artwork out of something that others would otherwise overlook. Considerations of color, line, form, and function guide the construction of my work. The resulting forms are varied and unexpected and can range widely in terms of size and composition, from a piece made from a single element to one that incorporates several different elements.

Thank you for joining me on my artistic journey and allowing me to add a little bit of my creativity to your life.