Veiltail Betta Fish

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The dance of the VEILTAIL BETTA FISH is mesmerizing. In my younger days I owned one of these fighter fish and was always entranced by the swish of the billowy, voluminous fins as my betta twirled and swam around the aquarium. The pair of fish on these hand painted leather gold plated earrings seem to chat to each other while displaying their very distinct yin and yang personalities. A tiny piece of painted paradise. Every piece of jewellery in the Central Range Collection is meticulously hand painted by Rachel Rochford. Each side of an earring is half of a larger canvas with subtle variations on each side. The complete painting emerges when worn side by side. One of a kind designer jewellery handcrafted in Trinidad & Tobago. Inspired by the colourful, tropical, exotic, natural wonders, island vistas, flora and fauna that exist in T&T and the Caribbean. 2021 miniature art jewellery handmade in Trinidad & Tobago by Rachel Rochford. Length 3.5 inches x Width 1 inch.