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Happy New Year from Rachel Rochford! On this 1st day of January 2022, as this new year dawns, I wish for continued peace, prosperity, positive energy surrounded by a powerful and strong support system. May there always be balance in all aspects of our lives as the journey of life unfolds this year. First featured RR KEEPSAKE of 2022. White anthurium by Rachel Rochford. A tiny piece of painted paradise. Bamboo vessel for your keepsakes, each one meticulously hand painted with abstracted acrylic brushstrokes inspired by the tropical landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. Collect them all! Every vessel is unique. Keep your most treasured mementos or precious jewels in this floral works of art. Dimensions of the wooden box- Diameter: 2.5 inches. Depth: 1.5 inches Stay safe and make every moment count
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